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  1. DirecTV NOW: March Madness Music Festival - Day 2
    CHALLENGE: Create an immersive brand + consumer engagement strategy APPROACH: Silent DJ Party w/ Certified Consumer Engagement Specialists RESULTS: 108% of data collection goal | Avg. of 20+ mins. in activation area
  2. PlayDate @ Home Depot: Taste of Soul
    CHALLENGE: Create an FUN employee event during Black History Month APPROACH: PlayDate - an award-winning interactive games concept RESULTS: Exceed client's expectations - Awarded additional opportunities with multiple business units including: LGBT, Women In Technology, etc.
  3. Ford Fund: National Program Reel
    CHALLENGE: Curate a compelling Ford Fund story in approx. 90 sec. APPROACH: Combine custom program content + celebrity & executive interviews + custom soundtrack (royalty-free) RESULTS: A national reel that more completely tells the Ford Fund story. We even included a decent of Henry Ford (total WOW factor)
  4. AT&T + Samsung: College Football Championship Game
    CHALLENGE: Create an immersive brand + consumer strategy at the College Football National Championship Game. APPROACH: Silent DJ technology + 6 Celebrity DJs + Certified CES RESULTS: 120% of data collection goal w/ 40+ min. avg. time in booth. Client experience considered "Most Engaging Brand Strategy" by ESPN.
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